Ocean by Helene Druvert

oceanIf you are familiar with Helene Druvert’s work then you will know that you are in for a treat.  This is a book about the oceans for Yrs 5 and 6. On Amazon it is called a lift the flap book but it is a bit more than that.

When you open the book, the first thing you see is a beautiful cut-away page showing the ocean and some of the animals and this attention to detail is reflected throughout the book.

The content is very closely linked to the cutaways. For example, life at the different depths of the ocean has pages, each of which is a little bit longer than the previous one providing more information. Who knew there was a twilight zone and the abyss?

The book covers a whole range of information about oceans; the water cycle, the tide, the birth of a wave, the food chain, polar oceans and the ocean at risk.

Ocean would provide a perfect jumping off point for a geographical study of a place or an environmental feature.

What can you teach using this book?

More formal, informative tone through:

  • use of technical vocabulary
  • commas used for lists and extra information
  • numerical facts included in the body of text
  • explanations in bold font
  • a range of fronted adverbial phrases and clauses
  • definitions in brackets
  • multi-clause sentences formed using:
    • relative clauses using which and that
    • subordinating conjunctions – while this pack ice is made from sea water
    • coordinating conjunctions – they need thick fur to protect them in the water, or dense feathers that block the freezing wind, or perhaps a layer of heavy blubber to keep them warm. ‘But’ and ‘and’ are also used
  • use of the passive voice, sometimes split by an adverb in the main body of the text – is often swallowed, is renewed, are then eaten, is called.
  • use of the active voice in the snippets of information around the main body of text. Interesting to explore why.

Paper engineering enhancing  content through:

  • different lengths of page for the different depths of the ocean
  • a wave that folds out for the tide with information under stones on the beach
  • a cut away wave for the birth of a wave
  • a fold out shark for the food chain
  • a fold down flap to show what is underneath an iceberg

This is such a beautiful book, sharing with children the beauty of the oceans, their importance and the dangers they face.

Books that complement Ocean and can be used to read around the subject or author can be seen in this padlet.


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